Dan Ablan

Creative Director, Brand Builder, Photographer

Chicago-based creative director and photographer Dan Ablan currently leads the brand and creative work at Aledade, Inc. coming from from Anthem, Inc., after 5 years  serving as the Brand Creative Director. Prior to Anthem, Dan worked as Photography Director for Sears Holdings and Creative Production Director for Jim Beam Brands. Before his corporate career, Dan ran his own creative agency (AGA Digital Studios, Inc.) for 18 years, building branded marketing content, 3D animation and video, for Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, Edelman, Keurig, Wrigley, the American Dental Association, NASA, United Airlines and many others. In addition, Dan is a certified professional photographer, and owned a full-time portrait studio with his wife from 2009-2014. Dan has published 17 books on creative software, 3D imaging, and photography. Dan has taught 3D and photography for 20 years, in person as well as LinkedIn Learning (Lynda.com), Class on Demand, and his own former brand, 3DGarage.com. Fun fact – Dan taught the infamous Dick Van Dyke (at 2:27) how to use 3D animation software on two separate occasions. 


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